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Life Gem

Life Gem is a unique way of keeping your loved one near, by having a small amount of their ashes made into a diamond then mounted into a piece of jewellery you can wear every day.

Life Gem offers an exclusive, unique and very personal memorial that never has to leave your side. No one has to know what it is unless you decide to tell them.

You will be together forever, you only have to see it sparkle in the sunlight and you will remember a moment in time, a beautiful memory, a romantic gesture, a private thought, a joke, a kiss, an embrace, gesture the two of you shared together.

In summary, here is how your Life Gem diamond is created.

The process begins with a small portion of the remains from any standard cremation. This is called carbon capture.

Once captured, this carbon is then heated to extremely high temperatures under special conditions. While removing the existing ash, this process converts your loved one’s carbon to graphite with unique characteristics and elements that will create your one-of-a-kind Life Gem diamond, like no other in this world.

To create your Life Gem, the graphite is then placed in a unique diamond press, which replicate the awesome forces deep within earth-heat and pressure. The more time in the press, the larger the rough diamond crystal will be.

Finally, the skilled diamond cutters facet your Life Gem diamond according to your wishes, laser etch your unique identifier on the girdle, and certify it for authenticity. All Life Gem diamonds are individually inspected, graded, and identified by world-renowned gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA). The worlds finest jewellers use this same certification process.


What Our Families Say Of Us

Thank you for your care and support during this difficult time. My sincere gratitude for everything you did. It was perfect. You said ”We will be with you every step of the way”,,,, How true you were with those kind words.
Angela, Ray, Daniel and Faye Parkinson

Our Pledge

“Many of us at John G Hogg have unfortunately been where you are right now. We have lost people who have been close family members and dear friends. It is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will all experience the hurt, pain and distress of losing someone we love and care for.

"We are here to help, support and guide you and your family through this sad and difficult time. We take away some of the burden that bereavement can leave behind, and allow you to grieve with your family, while we carry out the funeral arrangements for your loved one.”

John G Hogg

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