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    About John G Hogg Funeral Directors

    Award-winning John G Hogg Funeral Directors serves the City of Sunderland and surrounding area. With more than three decades of expertise, director John Hogg has a team of experts behind him who take great pride in guiding the bereaved through a very difficult time.  

    We have conveniently located funeral homes in Pallion, Hendon and Farringdon and are proud to serve the people in those communities of many different cultures and faiths, as well as those with no religious beliefs. 

    The teams at all our funeral homes will provide advice at every stage of the funeral planning process, and will arrange an individual and unique funeral to help you celebrate the life of your loved one. 

    Here at John G Hogg Funeral Directors we also offer an affordable prepaid funeral plan, Choice, so that you can arrange and pay for a funeral in advance. This will protect your family from rising costs and remove uncertainty about your wishes.

    If you would like to talk to us about planning a funeral, or our Choice plan, please come and see us in any of our funeral homes, or if you’d rather we can arrange a home visit. We’re also available 24 hours a day on the phone so if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call your local funeral home.

    “Many of us at John G Hogg have unfortunately been where you are right now. We have lost people who have been close family members and dear friends. It is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will all experience the hurt, pain and distress of losing someone we love and care for.

    “We are here to help, support and guide you and your family through this sad and difficult time. We take away some of the burden that bereavement can leave behind, and allow you to grieve with your family, while we carry out the funeral arrangements for your loved one.”

    Our Aims/ Objectives

    John G Hogg is award winning, family run funeral directors, proud of its reputation for the caring and personal 24 hour service it provides. Rather than tell you about ourselves, we have reproduced here the mission statement that describes how we work and the standards we expect of ourselves. It is a simple list of aim and principles that we seek to achieve on behalf of the deceased, our staff, our client families and the public generally.
    • To uphold traditional values that may be expected from us.
    • To listen to our clients families, to interpret and implement their wishes.
    • To be honest, diligent, prompt and efficient in everything we do.
    • To always maintain the dignity of the deceased as if the person has been a member of our own families
    • To ensure our charges are reasonable and reflect the services provided by us.
    • To employ a team with the highest personal standards who demonstrate empathy, kindness and professionalism.
    • To ensure employees are given a comfortable workplace and are rewarded well for their work. To respect their opinions, provide ongoing training and to encourage one another.
    • To take responsibility for an error, complaint or problem as it is, to deal with it immediately, objectively and at Director level.
    • To ensure our facilities offer the highest standards embracing the latest technology.

    Meet the Team

    John Hogg

    Business Principal

    Claire Ward

    Funeral Director

    John Hogg Jnr.

    Funeral Arranger / Administrator

    Stephen Hammond

    Casual Funeral Director

    Natalie Johnson

    Funeral Director

    Kenny Read

    Funeral Service Operative

    Grant Wilson

    Funeral Service Operative

    Daniel Poole

    Funeral Service Operative

    Lauren Calvert

    Apprentice Funeral Administrator

    Our Values


    We take pride in everything we do. Our aim is that everyone who works for Funeral Partners shares our values.

    Helping People

    Our business exists to help the bereaved to make fitting arrangements for their loved one’s last journey and to provide lasting memories for family and friends.

    We do this with a positive, caring and understanding approach.

    Respect for everyone

    We value diversity and treat everyone with the same respect, courtesy and dignity.

    Professional Standards

    We are a professional organisation and we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do and to improve upon these standards continuously.

    Accept responsibility

    We accept responsibility for our actions both as a company and as individuals.


    We believe that we can only achieve our goals by working together in partnership with client families, suppliers and our employees.

    Our locations

    We're available 24 hours 365 days a year

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